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Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy’s Letters

July 4, 2013

Leverett Bradley: A Soldier-Boy's Letters (1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.)

[Written in pencil.]

In The Field, Frederick Junction, Md.,
July 4, 1863,1.30 p.m.

Dear Family:

Have just rec’d yours of June 21. I have been unable to write before as I, or rather all of us, have been in the move. Orders came a week ago today for the evacuation of Harper’s Ferry and the destruction of all the ordinance stores from Genl. Hooker, who was there; but before we set to work, the order was countermanded by Genl. Halleck. But orders came in earnest on Monday; all the guns were removed but the old ones and the 100 pdr., which were destroyed. The amunition was all destroyed. There was an explosion at the South 30 pdr. Battery, some of the green 8th N. Y. H. A. went in with axes, striking Cap shell and exploding the pile; some five or six were killed. Started for the Hook about 1 o’clk on the 30th; worked all the afternoon and night loading guns on to canal boats, raining all the time, wetting the boys to the skin; started from Sandy Hook on the 1st of July, about 8 o’clk, for fire brick. Our battilion has to do this work alone. Two brigades were hours ahead of us and one to start 12 hours after. Frederick is about 20 miles from Sandy Hook. It was very muddy, and the boys were wet through; about noon the sun came out terribly hot and it sickened some of the boys. Mind you, we had started with but little, but by this time had thrown every thing away. I saved nothing but what was on my back and a sulpher Blanket, lost every thing else. Encamped about 7 miles from Frederick and stopped over night, got there next morning, stopped till noon and then started for here, 3 miles, and here we all are, on the banks of the Monocacy river at the junction. We are all well; will write sunday.


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