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Mason and Slidell Gone

January 1, 2012

news of the day

From the Boston Journal, Jan. 1.

We are informed that Messrs. MASON and SLIDELL were finally delivered up this forenoon, and left Fort Warren at about 11 o’clock. The arrangement for their return was very quietly made, and nothing was known in this city in regard to the affair until the hour arrived for their departure. The steam tugboat Starlight was employed by the Government to convey the prisoners to Provincetown, Cape Cod, where they are to be transfered to the British gunboat Rinaldo, which arrived at that port last night.

In accordance with the above plan of releasing the rebels, the tugboat Starlight left this city shortly before 10 o’clock this forenoon, and stopped at Fort Warren, where see took on board MASON an SLIDELL and their two Secretaries. After receiving their baggage, &c., the tug proceeded on her way to sea, leaving the fort about 11 o’clock. The whole affair was conducted without any display, in perfect quiet, and in the ordinary manner of conveying passengers.

The tugboat will probably reach Provincetown this afternoon, and the prisoners will be transferred without delay to the British gunboat.

(published in the NY Times on January 3)

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