Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

JUNE 28TH.—The President publishes a dispatch from Lee, announcing a victory! The enemy has been driven from all his intrenchments, losing many batteries.
Yesterday the President’s life was saved by Lee. Every day he rides out near the battle-field, in citizen’s dress, marking the fluctuations of the conflict, but assuming no direction of affairs in the field. Gen. Lee, however, is ever apprised of his position; and once, when the enemy were about to point one of their most powerful batteries in the direction of a certain farm-house occupied by the President, Lee sent a courier in haste to inform him of it. No sooner had the President escaped than a storm of shot and shell riddled the house.
Some of the people still think that their military President is on the field directing every important movement in person. A gentleman told me to-day, that he met the President yesterday, and the day before, alone, in the lanes and orchards, near the battle-field. He issued no orders; but awaited results like the rest of us, praying fervently for abundant success.
To-day some of our streets are crammed with thousands of bluejackets—Yankee prisoners. There are many field officers, and among them several generals.
General Reynolds, who surrendered with his brigade, was thus accosted by one of our functionaries, who knew him before the war began:
“General, this is in accordance with McClellan’s prediction; you are in Richmond.”
“Yes, sir,” responded the general, in bitterness; ” and d—n me, if it is not precisely in the manner I anticipated.”
“Where is McClellan, general ?”
“I know not exactly; his movements have been so frequent of late. But I think it probable he too may be here before night!”
“I doubt that,” said his fellow-prisoner, Gen. McCall; “beware of your left wing! Who commands there?”
“Gen. Jackson.”
“Stonewall Jackson? Is he in this fight? Was it really Jackson making mince-meat of our right? Then your left wing is safe!”
Four or five thousand prisoners have arrived.

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