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Rutherford B. Hayes.

March 28, 2013

Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes

Camp White, March 28, 1863.

Dearest: — I received yours last night. It is a week this morning since you left. We have had rain every day, and in tents in the mud it is disagreeable enough. The men still keep well. We have plenty of rumors of forces coming in here. It does look as if some of the posts below here might be attacked.

You went away at just the right time as it has turned out. A few weeks hence it will be good weather again and you would enjoy it if we are not too much annoyed with the rumors or movements of the enemy.

Nothing new to talk about. General Cox is quite certainly not confirmed, ditto his staff officers, Bascom, Conine, and Christie. It is now a question whether they revert to their former rank or go out of service. At any rate, we are probably not to be under them. At present we are supposed to report to General Schenck at Baltimore. We like General Schenck but he is too distant and we prefer on that account to be restored to the Department of the Ohio under General Burnside.

We have had two bitterly cold nights the last week; with all my clothes and overcoat on I could not keep warm enough to sleep well. But it is healthy!

Love to all the boys, to Grandma and “a smart chance” for your own dear self.

Same as before, yours lovingly,


Mrs. Hayes.

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