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Diary and Letters of Rutherford B. Hayes.

December 21, 2012

Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes

Log Cabin Camp, December 21, 1862. Sunday evening.

Dearest: — Dr. Jim got his proper resignation papers today and will leave in the morning. Dr. Joe’s leave of absence from Washington for thirty days from December 18 came to hand a half an hour after he had left on General E wing’s twenty-day leave. He will not regret the ten day’s extension. . . .

I cannot answer all your inquiries about the wounded. Ligget is doing well; is probably at home ere this. I got a letter from Joel tonight. He is the Jew who got eight bullet holes in his person and limbs. He says he thinks he can stand service in a couple of months. He don’t want to be discharged. Ritter writes me in good spirits.

Very interesting, all talk about the boys. . . . Webb’s surprise that learning is needed in western Virginia hits the position of matters more closely than he knew. Sound teeth and a good digestion are more required than education. I do not know but fear to risk the boys in this eager mountain air; not at present, at any rate. So, of your coming,—

Almost ten years. How happy we have been. But you don’t say a word about your health. If that requires you to come, you shall come. Otherwise you perhaps “better not.” Do you comprehend the solicitude I feel? Enough for tonight. — Love [to] all the boys and to Grandma.



Mrs. Hayes.

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