Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

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Rutherford B. Hayes.

August 25, 2013

Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes

Camp White, August 25, 1863.

Dear Uncle:—. . . I keep my cavalry moving as much as possible. The infantry has little to do. The prisoners taken and deserters coming in all talk in a way that indicates great despondency in Dixie. If the movements of Rosecrans on Chattanooga, Burnside towards Cumberland Gap, and Gilmore at Charleston are reasonably successful, the Rebellion will be nearer its end by the middle of October than I have anticipated. A great contrast between the situation now and a year ago, when Lee was beating Pope out of the Valley and threatening Washington. Beat the peace men in your elections and the restoration of the Union is sure to come in good time.

. . . There will be no need of your going to Delaware or Columbus merely to get Lucy. If she goes to Fremont she will be able to travel without other escort than the boys. — Love to Mother. I enjoy her letters.


R. B. Hayes.

S. Birchard.

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