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War Diary and Letters of Stephen Minot Weld.

July 5, 2013

War diary and letters of Stephen Minot Weld

July 5. — I went out to see Rosengarten and his family. Their country house is at Germantown, where there are a great many country residences of the Philadelphians. R.’s house is quite a pretty stone cottage surrounded by a lawn, and with pretty shrubbery, etc. I spent two or three hours there, and then took a drive through Schoolhouse Lane, which they were fortifying, and then to the right on a road running along Wissahickon Creek. The scenery was beautiful and reminded me very much of the suburbs of Boston.

After spending a few hours here very pleasantly, I went back to Philadelphia, and on leaving the cars, heard the news about Meade,[1] etc. It literally poured, and in the midst of this rain I drove to Frank Haseltine’s, arriving there at two o’clock, just at dinner-time. I saw Mrs. Haseltine, looking as young and pretty as ever. Mr. Haseltine I saw last night. Parkman Blake was present, and we had a very pleasant dinner indeed. After dinner we adjourned to Frank’s room, and looked over his old college papers, and talked over old times. I really passed a most pleasant afternoon. From Frank’s we went to Mr. Field’s, and took tea there, meeting Mr. Newhall, Mr. Furness, and Clem Barclay. Mrs. Field was very kind, as was Mr. F. Philadelphia people are much more hospitable than Boston people.

[1] That is, of the final victory at Gettysburg.

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