Following the American Civil War Sesquicentennial with day by day writings of the time, currently 1863.

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Through Some Eventful Years

February 12, 2014

Through Some Eventful Years by Susan Bradford Eppes

February _ _, 1864.—We did not hear anything more of the Colonel and his boys yesterday but this morning we have a note from Aunt Sue with a postscript from uncle Arvah, telling us of the arrival at Tallahassee of a battalion of artillery, which had encamped on the Magnolia Hill to the east, of town. Aunt Sue says we must pack our prettiest clothes and come prepared to stay with her, while they are encamped so near Goodwood. She wants us to help her entertain them. Uncle Arvah’s P. S. reads like this, “In these days of hard fighting it is your duty to do everything you can to add to the pleasure of these soldiers, who are here today and gone tomorrow. Tell Mrs. Bradford and the doctor this, with my love.”

Sister Mart and I are hoping Father and Mother will realize that the path of duty lies that way. Aunt Sue says they have a fine brass band and she is going to have some of them over as often as they can come; won’t that be fine?—That is if, we can go.

(This diary was written in pencil and in many instances the dates are almost, or quite, illegible. The month and year are plain but the figures are not so plain; particularly is this the case during the years of warfare, possibly the pencils were poor, or the paper might have been. At any rate we ask our readers to be lenient if some little mistakes occur.)

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