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War Letters of William Thompson Lusk.

July 20, 2013

War Letters of William Thompson Lusk.

Headquarters Del. Dept.

Wilmington, Del., July 20th, 1863.

My dear Mother:

You have heard before now, I suppose, that I was in New-York a few days last week. I saw Horace then, but the excitement of the riots excluded all other topics of conversation.

Lilly was kind enough to write me a letter, which I shall gladly answer, as I have time enough now to remember all correspondents that remember me. If nothing else, I have abundant opportunities to read and write. After the draft has been enforced in this State, the necessity for Martial Law will probably have passed away. Then I hope either to have more active service, or to get relieved altogether. My summer experience will lead me to enjoy with the greater zest the coming winter.

Gen. Tyler has behaved most handsomely I think, for when he was ordered to Maryland Heights, it was with the understanding that he was to have an important command, if not that of the Middle Department itself. But the loss of Milroy’s Army, the advance of Hooker, and consequent assignment of French to the Heights, the troubles in Baltimore, one and all operated to break up all plans, and to leave him in his present position. I have not heard him utter, for all, a single word of complaint, though necessarily his position must be very irksome to him.

Aunt Maria, Uncle Phelps and Nellie were in New-York for a few hours while I was there, but I did not know it until it was too late. Mr. _____, who lives opposite my Uncle’s, sent for me to come and see him. He proposed that I should take charge of a patrol to protect their part of the town. I turned to young _____.and suggested that he would make one of the patrol. “No,” says the young man, “but I’ll furnish a porter from father’s store as a substitute.” Indeed thought I, with such heroic youths, there is no need of doing anything here. I can let this part of the city take care of itself.

Your affec. Son,


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