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War Letters of William Thompson Lusk.

August 23, 2012

War Letters of William Thompson Lusk.

Norwich, Aug. 23d, 1862.

My own dear Son:

Startling and conflicting rumors from the army in Virginia render us very uneasy to-day. I will not dwell upon them, but wait patiently until a reliable statement comes to us. The 18th took its departure yesterday. . . . Col. Ely, I am told, is not at all pleased. . . .

Mrs. Tyler was here last evening. I told her I regretted extremely ever having written you what I had heard of the efforts made by your friends for you. She replied, “I am glad you did, and tell him I say his friends are full of indignation, and my husband says that he will never again propose an officer to the Governor.” . . . Our whole attention is so absorbed by army movements I have scarcely anything to tell you. . . . Charlie Johnson, Mrs. T. tells me, is very indignant in your behalf, as well as Ned T., Ely, and several others. … It is now eleven days since I heard from you, my heart beats anxiously, nervously. I can only pray for your safety and trust in the mercy of God. . . . My heart cries out in constant prayers for your safety. Oh! God be with him everywhere, defend his body and his soul.

Always very lovingly,


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