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War Letters of William Thompson Lusk.

May 4, 2013

War Letters of William Thompson Lusk.

[Request for a Pass from the Secretary of War, Permitting Lt.-Col. Lusk to Return to the Scene of Conflict]

Office of the District Attorney of the United States, For the Southern District of New York.

New-York, May 4th, 1863.

Honorable Montgomery Blair,

My dear Sir: This will introduce to you Wm. T. Lusk, Lt.-Col. of the “Blair Light Infantry” now organizing in this city. Col. Lusk can’t rest easily here while the battle is raging around Fredericksburg. He therefore desires to reach the battlefield, that he may tender his services as Volunteer Aide, so long as active operations continue, and then return to his duties here. With this motive, he desires a pass from the Sec. of War, to the scene of conflict. Col. Lusk has been two years in service, was for a long time Aide to the late Gen. Stevens, has been in many battles, and I believe he loves to fight. He is a gentleman in character and culture, and a soldier by practice and experience. If you can aid him to obtain the pass he desires, I shall be very much obliged.


Your Obedient Servant,

Ethan Allen.

Mr. Watson would oblige me by favoring the wishes of Col. Lusk.


M. Blair.

P. H. Watson,

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